Episode 1: “This Is Sex Ed.”

Our students start their mornings off with a bang, so to speak. Professor Trevase (Joanna Cassidy) starts the semester with some housecleaning, then startles the class by revealing the first week's assignment.

Episode 2: Fortune Favors the Brave

Al (Andra Fuller) gets a disturbing phone call. Billy (George Finn) and Stormy (Angela Sarafyan) make plans without eye contact. Sarah Ann (Laura Clery) demonstrates her Japanese to Kate (Andrea Lui). Dean (Matt Barr) settles some unfinished business with his one-night stand (Stevie Ryan).

Episode 3: Vodka and Hand Mirrors

Sarah Ann (Laura Clery) and Kate (Andrea Lui) get a good look at themselves. Milo (Casey Graf) looks for a way around his problem of size. Billy (George Finn) and Stormy (Angela Sarafyan) enjoy a game of Armenian Pyramid. Dean (Matt Barr) opens up to Lolly (Annie Abrams) and gets more information than he wanted.

Episode 5: Show and Tell

Billy (George Finn) and Stormy (Angela Sarafyan) find themselves the Adam and Eve of the class. Professor Trevase (Joanna Cassidy) confronts her students and gets more than she bargained for as they open up about their bodies... and their souls.

Episode 4: The Safe Word is Popcorn

Stormy (Angela Sarafyan) realizes she's going to need more clay. Dean (Matt Barr) remembers his safe word. Kate (Andrea Lui) gives Sarah Ann (Laura Clery) a lesson that all vaginas are not alike.

Episode 6: The Body Electric

Professor Trevase (Joanna Cassidy) gets too close for comfort to Dean (Matt Barr) and does some exposing herself. Billy (George Finn) and Stormy (Angela Sarafyan) share a cheeseburger. Lolly (Annie Abrams) finds someone to eat her ice cream with.

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